Million dollar this and Million dollar that

<img src=”” alt=”Webby nr home” align=”right” />I have not put up any photos recently so I thought I would throw this one up taken last week in Southwold, on the East coast of England.

So I have just invested $100 of my hard earned money in a page on a website that is quite new and the idea not so new! <a href=””>Milliondollarwiki</a> is a another MillionDollarHomepage spin off but with a difference. You own a page (or wiki) where you can do what you want.

I have invested in this page: <a href=””></a> with a view of turning it into some sort of resource for the English language.

My challenge is to make this one of the most popular pages on the site! I started off a few hours ago at 422/422 but now I am up to 411/422 so the only way is up!

It may be the biggest waste of 50 United Kingdom pounds ever but you never know. Sometimes you have to speculate on these things.

One thing is for sure; the owner is going to make quite a bit out of this!

A Pretty Good Gig

As if the idea of working when I want, where I want isn’t good enough, I also find myself very motivated be the idea of having complete creative control over everything I do and having an actual impact on the people who stumble across my sites. I have convinced myself that being a web publisher (that’s what I’m calling it these days) is quite possibly one of the best gigs going.

General advice says to build sites about topics you’re passionate about so creating content, in theory, should be something you enjoy doing – unless you totally hate writing. In order to get ideas for your new content you’ll have to participate in you area of expertise which will also be fun for you if you’ve got a passion for it. In my case, I have several travel websites. On one of them I have hostel reviews and encourage submissions from readers. If I’m earning plenty from my sites the potential is there to head off on trips aimed at writing more hostel reviews which would mean visiting hostels all over the world which would be a pretty damn good gig as far as I’m concerned.

I think the fact you’re working in a field you love, have total control over everything you do, have a positive impact on lots of people, and get to play at being an entrepreneur with very little risk all adds up to a really great way to earn a living!

English, Spanish, Spanglish!

Hi from Valdelavilla in the middle of nowhere! Yes they have Internet access here and I finally have some free time to write a little bit.

This experience teaching the Spaniards English has been fantastic so far! Highly recommend it to any native English speakers!

We are very remote in the mountains and bascially all we do it eat, drink red wine and talk English! The Spaniards are great and really getting to grips with the lingo and doing really well.

Well it is time for siesta. It is very tiring as well!

Seeing Madrid through clear spectacles

You know when you arrive in some place new and you take an immediate liking to it. Well I have certainly found that here in Madrid like I did in Melbourne earlier in the year.

I think that sometimes a really good first impression of a city can have the rose-tinted spectacles effect for the rest of what you uncover about a place. Similarly the opposite applies when you don´t like somewhere first off and you remain negative about it no matter what.

I think the more you travel the more you take places at face value and become more willing to give somewhere a second chance at the first impression. I never liked Bangkok when I first went there (who does!) but it did grow on me when I made the effort to discover more of it.

The village where I am going to be next week only has one creaky internet connection so you will not be hearing much from me for a few days. A break from the online world is just what I need to be honest 🙂

Mad Madrid

Hola! It has taken me since 5:30am this morning but I finally have made it to Madrid this evening. I can see why so many locals leave in July and August!

I have found an Internet cafe with a normal keyboard which makes my life (and yours) easier. Still there is much to do here so I won´t ramble on.

I am meeing my Pueblo Ingles group tomorrow night for an introductory meeting and no doubt booze up. The next morning we head off to English Ville for a week of idle chat.

On the earnings front I am having another good month but I logged into my Adsense account to see one of my main sites take a hit! Not from lack of traffic but potentially from smart-pricing. For those who are interested it means advertisers will pay you less for your traffic basically, which ain´t good!

I am hoping it is just temporary blip so I will have to wait and see what happens next week.

Basquein in Biarittz

The keyboard I qn using hqs qll the keys in the wrong place and I do not the enough tie to look qt the keys qnd type zith one finger, I cqn,t even find the full stop key let qlone qnythiong else:

I thought thqt keyboqrd lqyouts zere the sqne throughtout the EU but in Frqnce it is not the cqse1
Hqd q surf todqy qnd it zqs very nice, the waves were a bit on the sn,qll side but the aqtzer zqs reqlly warn; especiqlly for the Atlqntic;

I q, off to Madris in two days where I hope the keyboqrd are ,ore to whqt I q, accostq,ed too;

Au revoire

Not a computer geek? No worries!

Ok so now Ive given a wee bit of background info and a rundown of where I am now I might as well let you all know how much I actually know about the world of websites.

The simple answer is not a lot! I know HTML and can do some semi-tricky things like create forms and tables but nothing that cant be learned though an online tutorial ( is the main one I used) or trial and error. I can upload files using an FTP program and Im reasonably good with Adobe Photoshop although I know theres a lot more I could be doing with it if I had an instruction manual!

I dont know a thing about scripts, coding, Java, PHP, SEO and all those other fun things. Im sure putting together a good website would be a lot easier if I did but I think Ive killed off too many of my brain cells working in a brain dead job and living in London for 4 years and am now incapable of learning new things! Either that, or Im too lazy. Plus I seem to do everything the hard way including coding all of my sites by hand using only Notepad. Once I get around to learning how to use Dreamweaver I know Im going to be kicking myself for having wasted so much time in the past but like I said lazy!

I guess what Im trying to illustrate is that my web empire (in the making!) is built on some pretty shaky foundations as far as my technical knowledge goes so dont be scared off if youre not a super geek who knows everything there is to know about the web. Youll find yourself learning loads as you keep at it and the more you learn the more youll want to keep building sites with your new found knowledge

About to hit the road again

Terrorism threats permitting I should be on my way to Southwest France on Sunday. I am heading to the European surfing mecca of Biarritz on the Atlantic coast. This is another European destination I always wanted to go and never got round to!

I used to have a habit of putting things off and always thinking they’ll be another time to go there or to do something but not anymore. The way I see it is that this lifestyle could come crashing down on me so I am determined to live life to the max while I can. The proverbial sun is shining and I am getting stuck into the harvest!

Anyway I have a few days checking the surf out before hopping on a train to Madrid for my week in After that I plan to go trekking in the Pyrenees (another place I have always dreamt about going to!) for a few days before heading back to the UK in September.

I have to stay put for one month because my passport will be in the hands of the New Zealand Embassy in London while they consider my working holiday visa application.

Through">Bunac&lt it is now possible to for UK citizens up to the age of 35 to apply for a one year working holiday visa. I have one year left so I am going to grab the opportunity while I can. If I go to NZ it will be next year. You are probably wondering why I need a working visa when I can work anywhere anyway?

Well I fancy doing something different. I am not sure what sort of work I will be looking for but it will probably only be part-time anyway. I am thinking of something in the outdoors, away from the office, that might provide a springboard to a new career when I get back to Europe later in the year.

Where does a Working Nomad sleep

Working Nomad I have slept in a whole array of different accommodations. Over the last year I have stayed in nice hotels, youth hostels, backpacker hostels, B&Bs, tent sites (one of my favourites), airport lounges, mountain refuges and people’s sofas!

I really enjoy camping and it is a great way of keeping costs down (providing you can find somewhere safe to store your laptop!). By far the most enjoyable places to stay are hostels.

There are youth hostels worldwide these days and they are much more welcoming than in the old days of curfews and prison like atmosphere! Hostels are a great way of meeting other folk of all ages and from varied backgrounds.

The Working Nomad budget calculator will be online soon which will give you soom idea of how much destinations cost. The first destinations covered will be Switzerland, Australia, Thailand and Indonesia.

My Earnings So Far

Well I guess before I start updating people on how Im doing in my attempts to become a Working Nomad, I should give you a rundown on where I am now my starting point.

Adsense is my main focus at the moment and Ive been registered with them since November 2004. In my first month I earned about $20, then $40, then $90 for a couple months and after that it all turned to crap.

Strangely, things went way downhill right after I discovered Digital Point and started tweaking some SEO type things. My traffic nosedived because Google seemed to have dropped me and I still dont know why this happened. I dont think I did anything naughty but it goes to show how relying on a single source for traffic can have devastating effects!

So for the next 6 months I clawed out of the gutter during one particularly bad run it took me 4 months to reach $100. But thinks have been looking up since then and Ive been coming painfully close to earning $100/month over the last couple months.

The only affiliate program I actively promote is and Im lucky lately if I get a single booking a month for a couple dollars. After about 4 years I think Ive earned about $550 in total not the best.

Im sort of stuck with them for now because their booking engine is integrated into each page of my site but this is why I like them. When a visitor ends up clicking to book a hostel they go onto a page hosted by Hostelworld but it doesnt actually look like theyve left my site which I think is key.

So thats where my income is coming from at the moment. I think affiliate programs are the way forward so will start implementing a few and let you know how I go.