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Welcome to Working Nomad

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Welcome to the Working Nomad site! Here you will find a lot of information about becoming a digital nomad!

Perfect ingredients for a coffice

The ‘Coffice’ is where a digital nomad might go to work. It’s a marriage of coffee and office that’s becoming a well used term in digital nomad circles and was first coined by the website I have over 7 years experience of working from coffices all over the world and have compiled an essential list… Read More »Perfect ingredients for a coffice

New webhost and forum

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I have finally ditched my old web host who to be fair have been pretty good over 5 years but it was time to head to new pastures where I could ensure to have updated versions of fourm and blog software. However the change over has been a little messy but think I am getting… Read More »New webhost and forum

A Brief History of Me

Lots of new visitors come to my site and probably wonder what I’m all about. The task is not made any easier by the fact most of my original blog is still offline and it would take yonks to read through it all anyway! So here is a short recap. My story begins begins back… Read More »A Brief History of Me

Working nomad blog is back

Hey everyone I am back blogging again after a lengthy layoff! So you probably would like to know what’s been going on with old Webby, or maybe you’re not that bothered, in which case you have to ask yourself why am I reading something that I’m not interested in, which is probably not much better… Read More »Working nomad blog is back