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Working Nomad - Welcome

Thanks for dropping in on our site! A little about me, back in 2005 I quit the corporate life of London to travel and work all over the globe. My plan was to see if I could be location independent e.g. not having to be tied to one place. The real pleasure for me has been inspiring many other 'digital nomads' to do the same and this life choice is now very much mainstream.


solo in nuie and new caledonia solo guide to guatemala and honduras

Destinations News.

We have been looking closer to home at some of the destinations that would be good to work from. Bristol in England and the Welsh capital Cardiff are potentially good places to work remotely from and offer lots of activities and culture too, if that's your thing!

Digital Nomad Travel News

Better access for Vietnam and Indonesia

Visa regulations for the countries of Vietnam and Indonesia have eased for many visitors from around the World. Indonesia is now visa free for many Western European countries including the UK and Germany. That means visitors can now stay in Indonesia for up to 30 days visa free. The visa is non extendable. Australia is a notable absentee from he list of countries.

Mean while in Vietnam restrictions have been lifted for a handful of countries wishing to stay for up to 15 days. These include the UK, France and Germany. Scandinavian countries where already on the list.

Get ESTA Visa Online.

Some Recent Posts

Kuala Lumpur as a working nomad destination?

KL, the capital of Malaysia, would seem like a good location for a digital nomad. Find out if working from Kuala Lumpur is a good experience or not.

Some other recent stuff....

Working Nomad Blog Archives 2005 onwards

Increasingly travel insurance for the over 80s is becoming more and more important with increasing medical costs. Also holiday insurance over 85 is also important for older nomads too. Always ensure you have adequate medical cover when visiting foreign countries.

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Thank you for visiting Working Nomad.

DISCLAIMER: Never break the terms of your visa when visiting any country and respect local laws.

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