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Mad Madrid

Hola! It has taken me since 5:30am this morning but I finally have made it to Madrid this evening. I can see why so many locals leave in July and August!

I have found an Internet cafe with a normal keyboard which makes my life (and yours) easier. Still there is much to do here so I won´t ramble on.

I am meeing my Pueblo Ingles group tomorrow night for an introductory meeting and no doubt booze up. The next morning we head off to English Ville for a week of idle chat.

On the earnings front I am having another good month but I logged into my Adsense account to see one of my main sites take a hit! Not from lack of traffic but potentially from smart-pricing. For those who are interested it means advertisers will pay you less for your traffic basically, which ain´t good!

I am hoping it is just temporary blip so I will have to wait and see what happens next week.