Great items to take when travelling


Great items to take when travelling

Travelling is one of the greatest things that we can do. It broadens the mind, exposes us to a wonderful variety of cultures and is one of the best ways to really feel alive.

However, many of us will have experienced that occasional travel hiccup that can make us question why we ever left our homes. So with the summer holidays in the not-so-distant future, here are a few handy items to take with you to ensure a smooth voyage!

For the flight

Although flying is the quickest and easiest way to get to those far flung locations, it’s also becoming a bit of a chore with ever-increasing security checks and baggage limitations.

So why not invest in a compact sales that can accurately weigh your luggage. They’re so handy to have if you like to pick up a few mementos on your travels, and will avoid that horrendous overweight baggage fee on your return trip.

Lost luggage is something that most of us have faced. So eliminate that fear with the Trace Me Luggage Trackers that use barcode technology that links your luggage to a central database ensuring your bags will never completely vanish!

At the hotel

And likewise, we’ve all checked into a hotel that redefines the word ‘basic’. Whilst many of us will not exactly be expecting a nice matress there are still a few ways that we can ensure some sleep.

Many firms offer deluxe travel pillows that are nicely compact and will offer you all of the sleep support you require, even if the rest of the bed doesn’t!

And the bewildering array of gadgets that we require to travel can lead to a headache when trying to keep everything charged in hotel rooms that frequently only offer a couple of sockets. This is where the roll up travel charger from Restoration Hardware steps in by offering the ability to charge four devices from one socket.

If you find yourself trying to sleep in a particularly noisy area, then having a compact Bluetooth speaker in your room playing soft, continuous music can also mask many noises.

In the bag

Being a frequent traveller will also require you to develop highly efficient packing skills. So why not get a little extra help with a self-sealing dry bag that ensures that the rest of your clothes don’t have to risk becoming waterlogged by a soggy pair or socks.

And if you’ve got a particular fear of getting soaked, then check out the a micro umbrella¬†courtesy of Genius Pack that can be packed down into a mere six inches of height!