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Seeing Madrid through clear spectacles

You know when you arrive in some place new and you take an immediate liking to it. Well I have certainly found that here in Madrid like I did in Melbourne earlier in the year.

I think that sometimes a really good first impression of a city can have the rose-tinted spectacles effect for the rest of what you uncover about a place. Similarly the opposite applies when you don´t like somewhere first off and you remain negative about it no matter what.

I think the more you travel the more you take places at face value and become more willing to give somewhere a second chance at the first impression. I never liked Bangkok when I first went there (who does!) but it did grow on me when I made the effort to discover more of it.

The village where I am going to be next week only has one creaky internet connection so you will not be hearing much from me for a few days. A break from the online world is just what I need to be honest 🙂