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Basquein in Biarittz

The keyboard I qn using hqs qll the keys in the wrong place and I do not the enough tie to look qt the keys qnd type zith one finger, I cqn,t even find the full stop key let qlone qnythiong else:

I thought thqt keyboqrd lqyouts zere the sqne throughtout the EU but in Frqnce it is not the cqse1
Hqd q surf todqy qnd it zqs very nice, the waves were a bit on the sn,qll side but the aqtzer zqs reqlly warn; especiqlly for the Atlqntic;

I q, off to Madris in two days where I hope the keyboqrd are ,ore to whqt I q, accostq,ed too;

Au revoire