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Million dollar this and Million dollar that

<img src=”” alt=”Webby nr home” align=”right” />I have not put up any photos recently so I thought I would throw this one up taken last week in Southwold, on the East coast of England.

So I have just invested $100 of my hard earned money in a page on a website that is quite new and the idea not so new! <a href=””>Milliondollarwiki</a> is a another MillionDollarHomepage spin off but with a difference. You own a page (or wiki) where you can do what you want.

I have invested in this page: <a href=””></a> with a view of turning it into some sort of resource for the English language.

My challenge is to make this one of the most popular pages on the site! I started off a few hours ago at 422/422 but now I am up to 411/422 so the only way is up!

It may be the biggest waste of 50 United Kingdom pounds ever but you never know. Sometimes you have to speculate on these things.

One thing is for sure; the owner is going to make quite a bit out of this!