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Not a computer geek? No worries!

Ok so now Ive given a wee bit of background info and a rundown of where I am now I might as well let you all know how much I actually know about the world of websites.

The simple answer is not a lot! I know HTML and can do some semi-tricky things like create forms and tables but nothing that cant be learned though an online tutorial ( is the main one I used) or trial and error. I can upload files using an FTP program and Im reasonably good with Adobe Photoshop although I know theres a lot more I could be doing with it if I had an instruction manual!

I dont know a thing about scripts, coding, Java, PHP, SEO and all those other fun things. Im sure putting together a good website would be a lot easier if I did but I think Ive killed off too many of my brain cells working in a brain dead job and living in London for 4 years and am now incapable of learning new things! Either that, or Im too lazy. Plus I seem to do everything the hard way including coding all of my sites by hand using only Notepad. Once I get around to learning how to use Dreamweaver I know Im going to be kicking myself for having wasted so much time in the past but like I said lazy!

I guess what Im trying to illustrate is that my web empire (in the making!) is built on some pretty shaky foundations as far as my technical knowledge goes so dont be scared off if youre not a super geek who knows everything there is to know about the web. Youll find yourself learning loads as you keep at it and the more you learn the more youll want to keep building sites with your new found knowledge