Working Nomad

As promised I have uploaded my template for you to use and abuse. All I ask is that you include a link back to Working Nomad if you use it.

It has done me proud and if it can help anyone else as well then that’ll be cool. It is a very simple design based on XHTML and CSS. This site does not use the template.

Please do not expect much in the way of support for this! If you do get stuck please go to the technical area of the forum and ask away there. Myself or someone should be able to help.

The template is only for use in Dreamweaver (any version) but you could in theory save it as a .HTM file and use it that way. I recommend you buy Dreamweaver or at least use the Demo version and see how you get on.

I am leaving Switzerland tomorrow. There should be sign at the airport instructing you to turn back if you intend to travel on a budget!

Something to help you get started

I have been thinking about making one of my web site templates available (for free) to anyone thinking of starting in websites. I use a very similar template for many of my sites and it has proved pretty successful in the search engines. It is a plain design but can be customised.

In order to use the template you will need Dreamweaver (any version I believe). If you don’t use Dreamweaver then I’m afraid I can’t help at this time. That’s not to say I won’t make one similar for Frontpage etc in the future.

So would this be of interest to anyone? I cannot promise you website success with the template but for those of you who are new to website design it could get you up and running quicker (without having to use blogging software).

What’s in it for me? A link back to Working Nomad .COM of course 😉

Just one other thing. I am going to be starting an affiliate scheme for the Working Nomad E-Book soon with a generous 50/50 split. Further details to follow but a if you would be interested.

Mad Cows and Americans

Mad Cows and Americans!The picture is my hiking buddy Tyler and one of the many Swiss mountain cows that have a knack of getting in the way when it comes to shooting pictures! At least you can hear them coming. The hills are alive with sound of cow bells!

I am in a small town called Interlaken in the Bernese Alps. I have found a really friendly place to stay with free wireless Internet which is cool. It is a good base for ventures up the mountains and as I write this the mighty north face of the Eiger is looming through the window.

Cable cars, mountain railways, gondolas and ski lifts get you where you need to be. Tomorrow I am heading up to the highest railway station in Europe called Jungfraujoch (3500m or 11,500 feet above sea level) which should be cool in more ways than one!

I am sticking around Interlaken for three more days before I head off for a bit of glaciated valley action. I am then heading south to the famous Matterhorn region. Boy I love the mountains!

On a seperate issue I am already into record earnings this month and I might break through the £2K barrier if I am lucky which is just as well taking into account the costs here!

Bonjour from a hot Geneva

I arrived in a very sticky Switzerland last night and have settled in well. I am making a real effort to talk some French and it is amazing how it comes back to you after all these years since school.

I have been wandering about in the city in sweltering heat and found some relief at the United Nations and International Red Cross museums which were pretty cool. I also checked out the World’s longest bench and the highest fountain!

Tomorrow I am off to the Bernese Alps to a town called Interlaken. I have purchased a Swiss railway pass which will give me half price travel, it is extremely expensive to travel here!

My first impressions of Switzerland is very positive and the Swiss (French speaking) people seem really friendly.

The first Working Nomad Podcast

WNWell they say video is the future of the Internet now we all have broadband so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon. This is just a little introduction to me, you’ll have to excuse the poor sound quality as well. I don’t normaly sound like that…!

I am packing today as tomorrow I am off to Stansted Airport and hopefully away from these record temperatures we have been experiencing in the UK. I can usually put up with the heat in the tropics but it always seems different here for some reason!

Well hope you enjoy my short presentation and rest assured they can only get better. See you in Switzerland!

Profit from first Working Nomad trip

My balance sheet is n’t quite finished explaining how my money was earnt and spent but I have just worked out my profit (before tax) from the Asia trip and it came in at GBP £2300 or US $4200 which is fantastic news.

I’d originally to come home with the same bank balance than when I left. Based on my original goal and these figures I think I can say the trip was a financial success.

Over the next few months in Europe and Africa I hope to maintain this although it will be harder with the higher costs of living and travel. For instance the weekend in London I just had cost me more than a week’s living expenses in Asia!

Switzerland should be a challenge seeing as it is one of the most expensive countries on one of the most expensive continents. I hope to counter this expense by such measures as taking my tent.

Things are picking up web earnings wise. I had a record day on Saturday of over GBP £150 which was unexpected as the weekends are normally way down on weekdays. My weekly earnings tends to peak on Tuesday and then head steadily down to Fri /Sat and recovers a bit on Sunday.

It is still the height of summer here and people are generally more interested in cooking themselves outside than surfing the web, which is fair enough I suppose.

Back in the air soon

I have been home a little over one week now and next Wednesday night I fly to Geneva, home of the United Nations! My plan is to spend a couple of weeks in Switzerland mainly focused on the alpine areas and the lakes, making great use of the extensive Swiss railway.

I might wander into France and finish off around the Chamonix / Mont Blanc area before catching a flight back to the UK. With so many cheap airlines now it is much better to go one-way and see where you end up!

This is the first time in years that I have not owned a car at home. To be honest I don’t miss having one except that I would have probably been off to Cornwall in the South-West of England by now to go surfing. It is simply not possible without wheels!

Web earnings have been pretty good so far this month. I am putting in quite a few hours work and have knocked out an entire new website in the last two days. I have great hope that by September I will have reached that next income level I keep talking about. Stay tuned.

The next Nomad destination

Well my plan this summer as I may have mentioned is to take a series of shorter trips around Europe as oppose to one continual trip like the one I have just been on.

My first destination is Switzerland and I am looking for a flight for next week. I am currently living quite near to London Stansted airport which is very handy as it is one of the best UK airports for low-cost carriers.

If I fly on a Wednesday a one-way to Geneva is £40, on Friday / Saturday it is £140! This is another advantage of being your own boss I guess.

So if anyone has been to Switzerland and has any travel advice I’d love to hear it.

So the crazy life A creature of habit

Two weeks today and I will be back in Bali, Indonesia just like I was this time last year. I am on a one way ticket again with the same airline and the same stopover. The ticket cost a lot more this year for some reason.

I will not be in Bali for long this time, just long enough to catch a few waves and catch up with a few people as well. I am then meeting a friend in Singapore and then onto Thailand for November before heading to Cambodia and Vietnam.

A taxing time for the Nomad

Well the jet lag has subsided now and those things that I have been putting off need to be addressed. That means filling out my tax return for the year up to April 06 🙁

Unlike in the USA where you pay tax wherever you are the rules for the UK and the rest of Europe differs. I was offshore for a great chunk of the tax year so in theory I should not have to pay UK tax.

To be honest as the figures are quite low I was considering just paying the UK tax this time and then looking into ways of changing my status but this is a very grey area.

If anyone has been in a similar position I’d love to hear your feedback on this before I seek advice from the IR.