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Profit from first Working Nomad trip

My balance sheet is n’t quite finished explaining how my money was earnt and spent but I have just worked out my profit (before tax) from the Asia trip and it came in at GBP £2300 or US $4200 which is fantastic news.

I’d originally to come home with the same bank balance than when I left. Based on my original goal and these figures I think I can say the trip was a financial success.

Over the next few months in Europe and Africa I hope to maintain this although it will be harder with the higher costs of living and travel. For instance the weekend in London I just had cost me more than a week’s living expenses in Asia!

Switzerland should be a challenge seeing as it is one of the most expensive countries on one of the most expensive continents. I hope to counter this expense by such measures as taking my tent.

Things are picking up web earnings wise. I had a record day on Saturday of over GBP £150 which was unexpected as the weekends are normally way down on weekdays. My weekly earnings tends to peak on Tuesday and then head steadily down to Fri /Sat and recovers a bit on Sunday.

It is still the height of summer here and people are generally more interested in cooking themselves outside than surfing the web, which is fair enough I suppose.