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Back in the air soon

I have been home a little over one week now and next Wednesday night I fly to Geneva, home of the United Nations! My plan is to spend a couple of weeks in Switzerland mainly focused on the alpine areas and the lakes, making great use of the extensive Swiss railway.

I might wander into France and finish off around the Chamonix / Mont Blanc area before catching a flight back to the UK. With so many cheap airlines now it is much better to go one-way and see where you end up!

This is the first time in years that I have not owned a car at home. To be honest I don’t miss having one except that I would have probably been off to Cornwall in the South-West of England by now to go surfing. It is simply not possible without wheels!

Web earnings have been pretty good so far this month. I am putting in quite a few hours work and have knocked out an entire new website in the last two days. I have great hope that by September I will have reached that next income level I keep talking about. Stay tuned.