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Working Nomad

As promised I have uploaded my template for you to use and abuse. All I ask is that you include a link back to Working Nomad if you use it.

It has done me proud and if it can help anyone else as well then that’ll be cool. It is a very simple design based on XHTML and CSS. This site does not use the template.

Please do not expect much in the way of support for this! If you do get stuck please go to the technical area of the forum and ask away there. Myself or someone should be able to help.

The template is only for use in Dreamweaver (any version) but you could in theory save it as a .HTM file and use it that way. I recommend you buy Dreamweaver or at least use the Demo version and see how you get on.

I am leaving Switzerland tomorrow. There should be sign at the airport instructing you to turn back if you intend to travel on a budget!