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Something to help you get started

I have been thinking about making one of my web site templates available (for free) to anyone thinking of starting in websites. I use a very similar template for many of my sites and it has proved pretty successful in the search engines. It is a plain design but can be customised.

In order to use the template you will need Dreamweaver (any version I believe). If you don’t use Dreamweaver then I’m afraid I can’t help at this time. That’s not to say I won’t make one similar for Frontpage etc in the future.

So would this be of interest to anyone? I cannot promise you website success with the template but for those of you who are new to website design it could get you up and running quicker (without having to use blogging software).

What’s in it for me? A link back to Working Nomad .COM of course 😉

Just one other thing. I am going to be starting an affiliate scheme for the Working Nomad E-Book soon with a generous 50/50 split. Further details to follow but a if you would be interested.