Saturday night in Englaysia

Yesterday I was browsing in the underwear section (men’s) of the KL Marks & Spencers thinking what should I do this humid Saturday night?

So I took a shortcut through Debenhams department store to the Green Man pub to watch the Chelsea v Man U game. So there I was, back in England, sipping my pint of Tetleys (it is just as bad here) and waiting for my ridiculously overpriced Shepherds Pie to be delivered.

I don’t really know where I am going with the post but I’ll say one thing. The Malaysian’s love their English football and their pints of bitter. The place was full of Chelsea and Man U fans but there was n’t one cockney or mancunian accent to be heard.

I am just rambling now! Is this the most pointless thing I have ever said on WN? Must be the beer from last night.

Tomorrow I fly to Bali to meet up with some friends, catch some waves and get my sun tan back.

The e-book is nearly finished so those lucky lucky people should be getting their free copy soon. The rest of ya will have to pay (but it’s bloody worth it).

(If you are watching Wayne get fit soon. Your country needs ya…!)

Have I ever looked forward to going to work this much?

In a word, no! It sounds crazy but even when I get back to my hotel room at night I am already focusing on the next day. I think about what I am going do and what I want to achieve.

When I first started in the corporate jungle I used get excited about going to work. I remember once working on an I.T. project and being so keen I used to skip my lunch break and work late (for what?!).

I once worked on a project for six months that got shelved at the 11th hour and I remember feeling pretty dejected about it. Six months of hard work for nothing! I know this sort of thing happens all the time but it changed the way I viewed things (so I guess it was positive then!).

The biggest plus about being a Working Nomad is the control factor. If something does n’t come off it’s almost certainly down to me and I thrive on that sort of responsibility.

The life aquatic

sharksI am back from the Perhentians now in the Working Nomad’s Malaysian office feeling refreshed and looking slightly less pasty than normal.

I met up with two friends (hi Essex girls!) and we went on an excellent snorkeling trip around the two islands. Being the keen surfer that I am I have never been too bothered about seeing sharks (talking of surfing I borrowed this local guy’s windsurfing board one day, took the sail off and managed to catch a few waves on it. Rock on!)

We went in a boat to Shark Point and surprise surprise there were two reef sharks there waiting for us. Boy can these guys move when they want to! They were n’t big as sharks go (only 6 feet-ish) but seeing then in the flesh and up close and personal certainly made my heart race a bit.

We also saw a huge turtle and swam along overhead for a while which was pretty cool. The water is literally like a swimming pool, it’s totally unreal!

I caught the train back to KL and despite being in sleeper carriage, sleep was the last thing I could do with a chorus of crying babies around me. I think Malaysian babies cry louder than any other.

Just a note about the ebook. I have been swamped with free requests which is cool but the free offer has finished now. Thanks for your interest and support.

An insight into my web surfing habits

This will be last post for a few days as this evening I board a train bound for the Perhentian Islands. I was actually there last year and there was no Internet access on the island then. Part of me hopes there is now access while my sensible (you need a break) half would prefer no access.

I have spent an awful lot of time on the web these last few days. It has n’t all been mindless surfing. Some things are just easier to do (web site maintenance) when you are connected to the web. So now I am going to give you an insight into what I do when I first log on.

It will be no surprise to you to learn that the first sites I look at tell me how much I have earned for the previous day. These are affiliate marketing providers and adsense. I am signed up to a lot of programs so it takes a while.

Then I check my email. My hotmail account for personal and then all my web business accounts. Then it’s the World and UK news from the BBC. I’ll often download the previous night’s 10pm news from the BBC web site. I have BBC World in my room so I have n’t bothered for a while.

If it’s Sunday I’ll see how my football home team Ipswich got on and read any reports of the game from various sources. I then have a look at a few of the forums I contribute to. Now the WN forum, Lonely Planet thorntree, Bootsnall, Webmasterworld and Digital Point.

I will then look at my web stats for the previous day and start to think about what I want to achieve today and then get stuck into some work. That reminds me.

The old and the new…

Death!Well I took this rather striking picture today on my way to my work place (Times Sq, pictured behind the wall) because I have walked past it everyday and I thought I would share it with you.

The picture is actually on a wall surrounding the Pudu Prison which has had a very controversial existence. The prison is bang in the middle of the commercial heart of KL and surrounding it are many examples of Malaysia’s modernity (Times Sq, the Monorail). It now looks so out of place, it’s unreal!

They closed this notorious prison down in 1996 not before perhaps 1000s of criminals were executed by hanging (mainly for drug trafficking). It was also the centre for punishment by rattan caning.

The cells are reported to be horrific, each equipped with a window only the size of a shoebox. Ironically, the prison also features murals painted on the walls (by inmates) depicting scenes of tropical nature.

Six months on the road and still going strong

Well guys it was the 18th October that I left London on a wet autumnal day to start this adventure and I really don’t know where the time has gone. I am convinced the older you get the quicker time passes. I must cut back on my sleep!

Highlights of the last six months? Well there are too many to list. Believe it or not running this web site has been a highlight and in a way it gives me the energy to carry on.

This trip is going to finish at the beginning of July. I should be home just in time to see England parade the World Cup in Trafalgar Square. 😉

I have booked my train ticket for the Perhentian Islands and I leave on Thursday evening from KL. I am really looking forward to it now because I have worked quite hard over the last week and it feels like a reward.

When you just travel it is easy to become quite blasé about places you are going to. Oh another tropical island! Another temple! I think when you work and travel it lessens the travel fatigue that one might get after 6 months away.

Thank you to all those who have contributed to the <a href="">WN forum</a>. It seems to be going really well and with a press release soon out I hope there will be a lot of newbies joining in and sharing their knowledge.

I was going to put a photo up with this post but as you are all probably aware, I ain’t got any! (and I only have myself to blame)

Checking out your web stats

Web stats should be crucial to you. I look at mine everyday to see where people are coming from, what they are looking at and how they arrived here.

Across all my sites I have a similar picture. Nearly all my traffic comes from the USA and the UK. Not surprising I guess. This site is different though. Of course more people visit from the USA than every other country put together but Australians are in second place.

It is surprising to me that I get more Aussies than I do Brits. The craziest thing is that I get nearly as many visitors from Peru as I do the UK. Peru is n’t even an English speaking country!

Anyway keep your eye on your web stats, particularly the search terms that people are typing in to find your site. If people are looking for a certain something then give them more of it and they’ll come back.

It is also sometimes amusing to check out these search terms. Here is a small selection of what people typed into search engines to find WN.

– hoe to earn life through internet <em>(no doubt the word hoe was picked up from Rusty Hoe)</em>
– bangkok hoe
– lampusuluh (?)
– motorised toilet

Sorry but I think I am going to annoy you all now

But only for the purposes of motivation. It’s like a boxer before a big fight, get them wound up and annoyed and they’ll perform. I get annoyed when my income drops (like it has done this month) but it sure as hell makes me work harder.

So I am guessing a few of you are familiar with this situation. It’s Tuesday morning at work (I always hated Tuesdays more than Mondays for some reason!) and your boss is being a pain in the ass, your colleagues are winding you up and you really don’t want to be there.

Then you think to yourself if only I could just take a few days off work next week. Then you realise that you have to give the HR robots more notice, you could n’t possibly have any time off now as you are right in the middle of a project and anyway, you have used up all your holiday days for this year.

Your mind still wanders. How nice it would be to be my own boss and in charge of my own destiny. Would n’t it be cool to just jump on a train to somewhere sunny. Better still a tropical Island with white sand, clear water that’s devoid of electricity, deadlines and stress. Maybe somewhere like the Perhentian Islands perhaps?

That reminds me. I must book my overnight berth for the train later today

The Working Nomad forum is now live

Told you I was going to be working hard this week didn’t I? Well the Working Nomad forum is now in action and I have initially started off with three main sections.

1. General – basicically anything to do with the project or working remotely
2. Technical – anything from laptops, Internet cafes, software, pen drives etc
3. Feedback – an area where you can post a website or idea and get some feedback from myself and other geeks.

I encourage people to register their own login names (yes signatures are allowed!) but you can post without registering if you want to remain anonymous.

I know from experience that forums can take a while to get going so I encourage you all to participate and hopefully we can all benefit from the shared knowledge!