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The life aquatic

sharksI am back from the Perhentians now in the Working Nomad’s Malaysian office feeling refreshed and looking slightly less pasty than normal.

I met up with two friends (hi Essex girls!) and we went on an excellent snorkeling trip around the two islands. Being the keen surfer that I am I have never been too bothered about seeing sharks (talking of surfing I borrowed this local guy’s windsurfing board one day, took the sail off and managed to catch a few waves on it. Rock on!)

We went in a boat to Shark Point and surprise surprise there were two reef sharks there waiting for us. Boy can these guys move when they want to! They were n’t big as sharks go (only 6 feet-ish) but seeing then in the flesh and up close and personal certainly made my heart race a bit.

We also saw a huge turtle and swam along overhead for a while which was pretty cool. The water is literally like a swimming pool, it’s totally unreal!

I caught the train back to KL and despite being in sleeper carriage, sleep was the last thing I could do with a chorus of crying babies around me. I think Malaysian babies cry louder than any other.

Just a note about the ebook. I have been swamped with free requests which is cool but the free offer has finished now. Thanks for your interest and support.