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An insight into my web surfing habits

This will be last post for a few days as this evening I board a train bound for the Perhentian Islands. I was actually there last year and there was no Internet access on the island then. Part of me hopes there is now access while my sensible (you need a break) half would prefer no access.

I have spent an awful lot of time on the web these last few days. It has n’t all been mindless surfing. Some things are just easier to do (web site maintenance) when you are connected to the web. So now I am going to give you an insight into what I do when I first log on.

It will be no surprise to you to learn that the first sites I look at tell me how much I have earned for the previous day. These are affiliate marketing providers and adsense. I am signed up to a lot of programs so it takes a while.

Then I check my email. My hotmail account for personal and then all my web business accounts. Then it’s the World and UK news from the BBC. I’ll often download the previous night’s 10pm news from the BBC web site. I have BBC World in my room so I have n’t bothered for a while.

If it’s Sunday I’ll see how my football home team Ipswich got on and read any reports of the game from various sources. I then have a look at a few of the forums I contribute to. Now the WN forum, Lonely Planet thorntree, Bootsnall, Webmasterworld and Digital Point.

I will then look at my web stats for the previous day and start to think about what I want to achieve today and then get stuck into some work. That reminds me.