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Have I ever looked forward to going to work this much?

In a word, no! It sounds crazy but even when I get back to my hotel room at night I am already focusing on the next day. I think about what I am going do and what I want to achieve.

When I first started in the corporate jungle I used get excited about going to work. I remember once working on an I.T. project and being so keen I used to skip my lunch break and work late (for what?!).

I once worked on a project for six months that got shelved at the 11th hour and I remember feeling pretty dejected about it. Six months of hard work for nothing! I know this sort of thing happens all the time but it changed the way I viewed things (so I guess it was positive then!).

The biggest plus about being a Working Nomad is the control factor. If something does n’t come off it’s almost certainly down to me and I thrive on that sort of responsibility.