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Saturday night in Englaysia

Yesterday I was browsing in the underwear section (men’s) of the KL Marks & Spencers thinking what should I do this humid Saturday night?

So I took a shortcut through Debenhams department store to the Green Man pub to watch the Chelsea v Man U game. So there I was, back in England, sipping my pint of Tetleys (it is just as bad here) and waiting for my ridiculously overpriced Shepherds Pie to be delivered.

I don’t really know where I am going with the post but I’ll say one thing. The Malaysian’s love their English football and their pints of bitter. The place was full of Chelsea and Man U fans but there was n’t one cockney or mancunian accent to be heard.

I am just rambling now! Is this the most pointless thing I have ever said on WN? Must be the beer from last night.

Tomorrow I fly to Bali to meet up with some friends, catch some waves and get my sun tan back.

The e-book is nearly finished so those lucky lucky people should be getting their free copy soon. The rest of ya will have to pay (but it’s bloody worth it).

(If you are watching Wayne get fit soon. Your country needs ya…!)