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Checking out your web stats

Web stats should be crucial to you. I look at mine everyday to see where people are coming from, what they are looking at and how they arrived here.

Across all my sites I have a similar picture. Nearly all my traffic comes from the USA and the UK. Not surprising I guess. This site is different though. Of course more people visit from the USA than every other country put together but Australians are in second place.

It is surprising to me that I get more Aussies than I do Brits. The craziest thing is that I get nearly as many visitors from Peru as I do the UK. Peru is n’t even an English speaking country!

Anyway keep your eye on your web stats, particularly the search terms that people are typing in to find your site. If people are looking for a certain something then give them more of it and they’ll come back.

It is also sometimes amusing to check out these search terms. Here is a small selection of what people typed into search engines to find WN.

– hoe to earn life through internet <em>(no doubt the word hoe was picked up from Rusty Hoe)</em>
– bangkok hoe
– lampusuluh (?)
– motorised toilet