Getting ready for the future of website publishing

Getting ahead of the pack and keeping your finger on the technological pulse is what keeps you ahead. One thing that will be huge is mobile / PDA / cellphone websites. Check out this on Google and mobile computing.

I believe now is a great time to be jumping on the mobile bandwagon. Up until now there has been few resources on the subject but the big guys, such as Google and Yahoo! are moving in so it’s time to get onboard.

It is possible to design a site using XHTML and CSS so it delivers one set of content to normal laptop / PC browser and one set to mobile appliances. There is no need to have two different sets of content. You just split the content from the presentation and the code does the rest.

CSS is a stylesheet and is a very powerful way of managing the look of your website. You will in effect have a laptop/PC CSS file and a mobile CSS file. XHTML is similar to HTML and is worth getting to know for the future.

Check out" for some great tutorials on CSS and XHTML.

So on the browser version you can carry Ads for income and on the Mobile version you can carry services such as <a which is similar to Adsense.

I seriously believe this will be the way forward for website publishers who are serious about making money from the Internet.

My advice is to get in their early and become established on both platforms and make your website content as future proof as possible.

The long journey home starts today

Masa Inn BaliJust a few hours before I leave Bali for Malaysia on the first leg of my journey home. I then need to work my way down to Singapore to catch my flight to Frankfurt then London.

Can’t belive it is all nearly over now! The trip will have been a little over 8 months in total.

It is sad to be leaving Bali in a way but I definetly feel I have had enough time on the island. Many expats make Bali their home but it is not somewhere I could live long term (thats goes for all of SoutheastAsia).

I really hope the island continues it’s recovery as the tourist numbers are badly needed here. Encouragingly many more Asian tourists are coming here to replace the Aussies who have been put off in recent times.

Flight home finally booked

Well I finally managed to book my flight on the British Airways website after using three different cards! They finally accepted my Nationwide credit card. By the way if you are from the UK you should get a Nationwide account because they do not charge you for using your card abroad which is pretty neat.

Well I had no hangover today but enjoyed a few beers watching England last night with some fellow England followers from Norway and Sweden. Now Sweden are out their fans here are firmly behind England. Most of them had England jerseys on and hats!

The Norwegian guys follow the English Permier League religiously and all have their favourite teams. It was good watching the game with such a mix of nationalities and the people you meet on these trips contribute much to the overall pleasure of travelling.

Well Tuesday 4th at noon I will be back on home soil. The Working Nomad site will continue to rumble on with reports from trips around Europe and monthly earnings etc so I hope you still visit the site and participate in our forum!

I am excited now about going home and I should be back at my Mother’s house in time to possibly see England play Brazil (positive thinking!). 😉

Just over a week to go

Well I am online to book my flight home (via Frankfurt) but the British Airways web site is telling me my Visa card is not a Visa card even though it has Visa on it!

Another odd thing is that one way flights to Germany from Asia are way too expensive. I rang around and did a lot of web searches for flights but nothing cheap.

So I decide just to get a flight back to London. It turns out that I have to change planes in Frankfurt anyway and the flights are very cheap! I am wondering whether they’ll let me stay in Germany and miss my connecting flight?

I will only stay in Germany if England are still in the World Cup. I have been checking out various news sites and apparently England have already lost the game against Ecuador tonight due to the predicted hot weather. So no need to stay in Germany!

So I will be back here tomorrow with another Visa card and hopefully a hangover from celebrating the previous nights’ events in Stuttgart..

Seeing things from a different perspective

Boys on the BeachHaving been in Bali now for six weeks I have really got a good feel for the way the Indonesians live and the struggles they face day to day. One of my Sumatran friends is becoming concerned that he has no wife and more importantly, no children.

See there is no retirement pension in Indonesia. Your security in old age is your offspring. Without children getting old in Indonesia is very tough, hence why so many have large families in the developing World.

Another friend wants a new life in Australia, and who can blame him. An Aussie couple has offered him somewhere to stay in Perth to stay if he can get over there. That’s the problem you see. An Indonesian passport costs 1 million rupiah ($100). This far exceeds what people earn in a month here.

It is ridiculous that the Government here charges this amount which is way out of proportion to everything else. On top of that to make an Australian Visa you need a bank account with a lot of money and you need a return airfare.

Is there any wonder why so many Indonesians risk their lives crossing over to Australia illegally in small boats? Unemployment in Bali is very high with many flocking in from other Islands in the hope of working in the tourist industry, such as my friends from Sumatra.

Next time you get on an airplane consider yourself extremely privileged. I know I will.

Limping through June

I think a Google update is happening. I have noticed a surge in traffic during the last two days. This is welcome news because June has been very slow and unless something dramatic happens I won’t be getting near my previous month.

Like I said before the summer and the World Cup is bound to be having an effect on things. Web traffic does tend to be seasonal. Roll on September!

I am staying up late tonight to watch the England v Sweden game. Kick off here is 3am but there is no way I am going to miss it. I am planning on meeting some people at midnight and we’ll have a few Bintangs before the game, no doubt

Stopping off in Germany, as you do…

Surfer at BaliWell I am scheduled to leave Bali on the 28th June. As some of you may not be aware I only had a one-way ticket coming out. This is something I have not regretted at all. The flexibility it gives you is worth the extra you pay.

A sudden urge to be at the World Cup has coincided with an invite to stay in Berlin for a few days with a friend. It is going to cost me for sure but I am hugely tempted to go (despite England’s lack-lustre performances thus far).

I am going to investigate flights but I think I can get there for not much more than a flight to England. I would then have to get back home from Germany which should n’t be too much hassle.

I am pretty tired now after having stayed up late to watch the England game. The time difference is only 6 hours ahead of Germany but it is starting to become a factor as I am missing out on games I would have liked to have watched.

Working smarter and taking stock

I have had a pretty poor start to June in terms of web earnings. Maybe the World Cup or the start of the summer have been major factors? Who knows?

A year ago when I was earning a lot less I would have become a bit de-motivated with such a downturn but I don’t anymore. It does n’t bother me in the slightest.

Do you want to know why? Well you’ll have to read chapter 5 of my ebook to find out…..just joking.

The reason is that I know I can earn $3000 per month from web sites because I have done it. It is as simple as that. I also know that by working twice as smart I can double that figure.

So even if you are stuck at $5 a day don’t give in. There is always potential to increase earnings by working smarter.

Working smarter is about looking at where you are now and how you got there.

Ask yourself the following questions…

1. How long has it taken me to get this far?
2. Is there anway I could have got here quicker e.g. employing the help of others, using different tools or methods.
3. Is there something that works well within my site and if so why am I not replicating it (in the same site and other sites)
4. Am I trying to flog a dead horse? e.g. You have a web site you are working on with no commercial appeal to attract advertisers.

I am going to be writing more about this idea of working smarter because it is crucial.

Peace found in Ubud (and proper cheese)

Anyone who has been to Bali will tell you that Ubud is a pretty relaxed place to hang out. You still get the odd bit of hassle but it is less intense.

In fact Ubud would be a very good place for a Working Nomad to hang out. There is cheap wireless Internet available, some great food, nice mix of expats & locals and lively enough not to be dull. My bungalow is huge as well. For $10 I have a split studio and two bedrooms!

I could n’t stay here too long because of the pull of the ocean. We are only 30kms at most from the sea but with Bali’s traffic it is no quick journey (took nearly 2 hours to get here!)

One thing I miss from home is cheese. I actually had some proper cheddar cheese today and it was awesome! A real treat after months of that ubiquitous processed stuff they have in Asia.

I did spot some proper cheese in a supermarket before but it was over three times the normal western price!

Well after a very quiet week things are looking up on the web site front. I have found a nice cafe here where I can work well and enjoy their lovely gado-godo!

World Cup fever is sweeping Bali

England in BaliJust three hours to go before England’s first World Cup game and the atmosphere is building. There are heaps of England fans around as well as fans from every corner of the globe (particularly Brazil).

Kick off here is 9pm local time which is ideal! Meeting some of my Balinese friends who, like many in Indonesia, will be following England over the next four weeks.

Luckily much of my Internet traffic is from North America so I am not expecting it to go down too much over the next month.