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Getting ready for the future of website publishing

Getting ahead of the pack and keeping your finger on the technological pulse is what keeps you ahead. One thing that will be huge is mobile / PDA / cellphone websites. Check out this on Google and mobile computing.

I believe now is a great time to be jumping on the mobile bandwagon. Up until now there has been few resources on the subject but the big guys, such as Google and Yahoo! are moving in so it’s time to get onboard.

It is possible to design a site using XHTML and CSS so it delivers one set of content to normal laptop / PC browser and one set to mobile appliances. There is no need to have two different sets of content. You just split the content from the presentation and the code does the rest.

CSS is a stylesheet and is a very powerful way of managing the look of your website. You will in effect have a laptop/PC CSS file and a mobile CSS file. XHTML is similar to HTML and is worth getting to know for the future.

Check out" for some great tutorials on CSS and XHTML.

So on the browser version you can carry Ads for income and on the Mobile version you can carry services such as <a which is similar to Adsense.

I seriously believe this will be the way forward for website publishers who are serious about making money from the Internet.

My advice is to get in their early and become established on both platforms and make your website content as future proof as possible.