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Stopping off in Germany, as you do…

Surfer at BaliWell I am scheduled to leave Bali on the 28th June. As some of you may not be aware I only had a one-way ticket coming out. This is something I have not regretted at all. The flexibility it gives you is worth the extra you pay.

A sudden urge to be at the World Cup has coincided with an invite to stay in Berlin for a few days with a friend. It is going to cost me for sure but I am hugely tempted to go (despite England’s lack-lustre performances thus far).

I am going to investigate flights but I think I can get there for not much more than a flight to England. I would then have to get back home from Germany which should n’t be too much hassle.

I am pretty tired now after having stayed up late to watch the England game. The time difference is only 6 hours ahead of Germany but it is starting to become a factor as I am missing out on games I would have liked to have watched.