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Flight home finally booked

Well I finally managed to book my flight on the British Airways website after using three different cards! They finally accepted my Nationwide credit card. By the way if you are from the UK you should get a Nationwide account because they do not charge you for using your card abroad which is pretty neat.

Well I had no hangover today but enjoyed a few beers watching England last night with some fellow England followers from Norway and Sweden. Now Sweden are out their fans here are firmly behind England. Most of them had England jerseys on and hats!

The Norwegian guys follow the English Permier League religiously and all have their favourite teams. It was good watching the game with such a mix of nationalities and the people you meet on these trips contribute much to the overall pleasure of travelling.

Well Tuesday 4th at noon I will be back on home soil. The Working Nomad site will continue to rumble on with reports from trips around Europe and monthly earnings etc so I hope you still visit the site and participate in our forum!

I am excited now about going home and I should be back at my Mother’s house in time to possibly see England play Brazil (positive thinking!). 😉