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Just over a week to go

Well I am online to book my flight home (via Frankfurt) but the British Airways web site is telling me my Visa card is not a Visa card even though it has Visa on it!

Another odd thing is that one way flights to Germany from Asia are way too expensive. I rang around and did a lot of web searches for flights but nothing cheap.

So I decide just to get a flight back to London. It turns out that I have to change planes in Frankfurt anyway and the flights are very cheap! I am wondering whether they’ll let me stay in Germany and miss my connecting flight?

I will only stay in Germany if England are still in the World Cup. I have been checking out various news sites and apparently England have already lost the game against Ecuador tonight due to the predicted hot weather. So no need to stay in Germany!

So I will be back here tomorrow with another Visa card and hopefully a hangover from celebrating the previous nights’ events in Stuttgart..