The many uses of a laptop when travelling


I thought that I would highlight the usefulness of taking a laptop when travelling around the world, even if you are not working.

The inspiration behind this post came from having my MP3 player stolen from my car the other day! Yes, some git decided to break into Rusty and got away with my MP3 player and mini-speakers!

Luckily I have my entire CD collection backed-up on my laptop and it will not cost much to replace the player. Don’t know what I’d do without my music!

Other useful reasons to take a laptop with you…

– You can watch DVDs on them in the evening
– Download your email so you can read it away from the costly Internet cafe (real money saver)
– Take a snapshot of any web pages so you can read them later. NOTE You will need a memory stick for the above and a copy of portable firefox with the very cool ’scrapbook’ add-on.
– Store your music and listen to it whenever
– Download your photos from a digital camera, edit them and burn them to CD (another real money saver)
– You can write your online travel diary on your laptop
– Store important scans of documents e.g. passport, travel insurance
– Play games when you are long boring bus journeys

There are probably lots more uses but I say it’s the way forward. Even though my laptop is essential for my work it is also very nice to have just for travel.

If you can think of anymore uses be sure to add them on the ‘comments’ link under the title of this entry.

How to set up a blog

Following on from my last post a timely email arrived from a journalist called Craig McGinty about setting up blogs. Blogs are basically online diaries such as this site and it is more than possible to earn an income from them.

Anyway you may wish to take a look at Craig’s site, and this article in particular…

Well it is a glorious summer’s day here and there is a 3 foot swell hitting Christchurch so I am off now for a surf with an Italian and a Frenchman who are getting a free surfing lesson from me. Should be interesting!

Earning money from the Internet is not just for nomads!

Although this web site is primarily about working and traveling it should not be overlooked by anyone seeking an extra income or even those hoping to quit the rat race one day.

Earning money from running web sites is for anyone. All you physically need is a computer and an occasional Internet connection. Your geographical location is irrelevant as I am proving.

As far as time commitments go you can work as much as you like, at any time of the day as see fit. Even the subject of your work (what you make your web pages about) is up to you!

I would imagine anyone in the groups listed below could give this way of working a go.

– Students
– Expats or those hoping to move overseas
– The retired
– Mums / Dads at home
– Unemployed
– Backpackers (of course!)

The list is probably endless!

If any non-backpackers are successfully running web sites I’d love to hear your stories. I will post them on Working Nomad to hopefully inspire others.

The ups and downs of travel

Mt Cook National Park

I have not updated working nomad as I have been in the wilds of Fiordland where I have just completed a very memorable 3 day hike called the Kepler Track which is a so-called ‘NZ Great Walk’.

After a great three weeks in NZ so far I felt a bit jaded with it all yesterday. You have days like this when you travel. Today I am feeling a bit more enthusiastic.

I am now back in Queenstown recovering after the hike but I am increasingly having problems with hayfever which is starting to annoy me a bit to say the least! I thought it was bad enough in the UK.

I am heading to the coast tomorrow to check out some yellow eyed penguins and hopefully enjoy some allergy relief!

I have had a pretty good start to this month in terms of web income but actual visitor numbers appear to be down. Having plugged into the grapevine I have noted that many other webmasters are seeing less traffic.

I receive quite a few emails from people who seem to have been inspired by what I am doing which is tremendous. If you are thinking of starting a site then don’t hesitate to email me your site details and I will link back to your site and maybe do a write up. Bye for now.

Internet earnings report for January

January was yet another record month. Generally it is a good time for Internet income as many people start surfing the web again after the holidays.

My income for the month was a little under GBP 1400 or USD 2500. I have not worked out what I have spent but it will be a lot, possibly more than I earnt.

On top of the general increase of the cost of backpacking around NZ compared to Southeast Asia, I have also paid out GBP 200 for flights as well as GBP 280 for Rusty (which I hope to get some back).

I have also spent quite a bit on hiking equipment and warmer clothes having not planned to be here originally.

I am not sure if I can keep these increases in income up but it is more than paying my way and I cannot complain about that. Let this be inspiration to anyone considering doing the same.