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Earning money from the Internet is not just for nomads!

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Although this web site is primarily about working and traveling it should not be overlooked by anyone seeking an extra income or even those hoping to quit the rat race one day.

Earning money from running web sites is for anyone. All you physically need is a computer and an occasional Internet connection. Your geographical location is irrelevant as I am proving.

As far as time commitments go you can work as much as you like, at any time of the day as see fit. Even the subject of your work (what you make your web pages about) is up to you!

I would imagine anyone in the groups listed below could give this way of working a go.

– Students
– Expats or those hoping to move overseas
– The retired
– Mums / Dads at home
– Unemployed
– Backpackers (of course!)

The list is probably endless!

If any non-backpackers are successfully running web sites I’d love to hear your stories. I will post them on Working Nomad to hopefully inspire others.