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The many uses of a laptop when travelling

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I thought that I would highlight the usefulness of taking a laptop when travelling around the world, even if you are not working.

The inspiration behind this post came from having my MP3 player stolen from my car the other day! Yes, some git decided to break into Rusty and got away with my MP3 player and mini-speakers!

Luckily I have my entire CD collection backed-up on my laptop and it will not cost much to replace the player. Don’t know what I’d do without my music!

Other useful reasons to take a laptop with you…

– You can watch DVDs on them in the evening
– Download your email so you can read it away from the costly Internet cafe (real money saver)
– Take a snapshot of any web pages so you can read them later. NOTE You will need a memory stick for the above and a copy of portable firefox with the very cool ’scrapbook’ add-on.
– Store your music and listen to it whenever
– Download your photos from a digital camera, edit them and burn them to CD (another real money saver)
– You can write your online travel diary on your laptop
– Store important scans of documents e.g. passport, travel insurance
– Play games when you are long boring bus journeys

There are probably lots more uses but I say it’s the way forward. Even though my laptop is essential for my work it is also very nice to have just for travel.

If you can think of anymore uses be sure to add them on the ‘comments’ link under the title of this entry.