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The ups and downs of travel

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Mt Cook National Park

I have not updated working nomad as I have been in the wilds of Fiordland where I have just completed a very memorable 3 day hike called the Kepler Track which is a so-called ‘NZ Great Walk’.

After a great three weeks in NZ so far I felt a bit jaded with it all yesterday. You have days like this when you travel. Today I am feeling a bit more enthusiastic.

I am now back in Queenstown recovering after the hike but I am increasingly having problems with hayfever which is starting to annoy me a bit to say the least! I thought it was bad enough in the UK.

I am heading to the coast tomorrow to check out some yellow eyed penguins and hopefully enjoy some allergy relief!

I have had a pretty good start to this month in terms of web income but actual visitor numbers appear to be down. Having plugged into the grapevine I have noted that many other webmasters are seeing less traffic.

I receive quite a few emails from people who seem to have been inspired by what I am doing which is tremendous. If you are thinking of starting a site then don’t hesitate to email me your site details and I will link back to your site and maybe do a write up. Bye for now.