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Internet earnings report for January

January was yet another record month. Generally it is a good time for Internet income as many people start surfing the web again after the holidays.

My income for the month was a little under GBP 1400 or USD 2500. I have not worked out what I have spent but it will be a lot, possibly more than I earnt.

On top of the general increase of the cost of backpacking around NZ compared to Southeast Asia, I have also paid out GBP 200 for flights as well as GBP 280 for Rusty (which I hope to get some back).

I have also spent quite a bit on hiking equipment and warmer clothes having not planned to be here originally.

I am not sure if I can keep these increases in income up but it is more than paying my way and I cannot complain about that. Let this be inspiration to anyone considering doing the same.