Where to go next?

Sign at the start of the tubingWell my Laos adventure has finished now. I ended up not staying for the duration of the 15 day visa because of a miscalculation of money needed.

There are no ATMs in Laos so I had take all the money I required beforehand in US Dollars and Thai Baht. I ran a bit short in the end. Still I loved the country and would highly recommend it.

Met lots of nice people and even had a Christmas dinner as well. I also went tubing down the river. There are some great pictures of the day here to look at (not taken by me I might add, thats why they are so good).

Back in Bangkok now after a somewhat eventful bus journey last night and to be quite honest I really don’t know where to go next. Probably going to see the New Year in here and maybe head to Ko Chang island.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Working Nomad.

Bonjour from Luang Prabang, Laos

Well I finally made it to Laos . I was suppose to be here three years ago but ended up going to New Zealand and Australia instead. I arrived two days ago from Thailand across the River Mekong.

The immigration control, like the country as a whole, was very much a laid back affair. I spent one night in the border town of Huay Xai before taking the Nagi of Mekong river boat down to Laung Prabang, which is where I am now. The picture right illustrates how cold it was on the boat!

Talking of cold weather the evenings in Luang Prabang are very cold. In fact we could be in France . The colonial legacy is definitely lingering with French villas for Guesthouses, warm baguettes for breakfast and a faint hint of a French accent in some of the older Laos people.

I have also taken note of how many French people are holidaying here. You could be mistaken into thinking that Laos still belongs to the French. I think some of the French people here still think it is!

I am pretty impressed with Laos so far and makes a refreshing change from Thailand .

Work is still going well. I had a few days off but the success of this month is driving me on to do more.

The Working Nomad heads into the black and into a new country

Well some early Christmas cheer for me. December is already a record month for web earnings by some margin, and we are only half way through! This means I am at last making more money from the web than my living / traveling expenses.

I have always dreamt about being my own boss and earning the sort of amount that I would normally earn in the corporate rat race. I am not going to become complacent though. December is traditionally a strong month for Internet earnings, particularly in the travel industry where I specialise.

I have put in more hours since I have been in Thailand so this will have had a direct effect on the increase. It is good to know that if you work hard on your web sites you get rewarded!

I am in the small city of Chang Rai now. I arrived earlier on a bus full of sick Thais. They don’t travel too well apparently. With the smell wafting about I was glad to get off. I have another bus trip tomorrow to the border town on Chiang Kong before catching a boat over the river and into Laos. Quite excited to be leaving Thailand and seeing a new country.

My next update will be from Luang Prabang. On Sunday I have an all day boat journey down the mighty Mekong River to enjoy.

Update from The Land of Smiles.

Fat HouseOur sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai crawled in four hours late so I missed my connection to Pai. Did n’t matter much anyway as I have spent few charming days in Thailand ’s second city.

Chiang Mai is a world away from Bangkok ’s craziness but I do seem to be spending half my day waiting to cross the roads here.

There are pedestrian crossings with lights in Thailand but I believe the locals think that red means they must speed up! The biggest joke is the pelican crossings.

I am off to Pai early in the morning for a few days before I negotiate the great Mekong River and one of the last bastions of communism, the Peoples Republic of Laos.

I have included a page that has my route map and some other random travel photos from my trip so far. Working Nomad route and random photos.

Internet earnings report for November. Good news, bad news and good news

<strong>Good news 1</strong>. November proved to be my second best month so far. It was just 5 pounds short of being my best ever month which was September.

Interestingly one of my biggest earning affiliate schemes performed badly in November but I am starting to see other income streams bear fruit which means that I am finally diversifying. In this business the more you can diversify the better.

<strong>Bad news. </strong>My profits for November were GBP455 but I spent GBP660 meaning my monthly balance was minus GBP205. This means that since I have been in Asia I am GBP287 in the red. I am surprised I spent so much but taking flights when I could have taken buses would not have helped!

<strong>Good news 2. </strong>I might be in the red but I have had a fantastic start to December. If the month continues in this fashion I will be well into the black by January.

I am waiting now to catch my overnight train to Chang Mai. I have been to Chang Mai before so I am heading straight up to the village of Pai in the mountains.

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Hello again from the Island of Koh Tao. You are probably thinking why is he not enjoying the beaches and warm tropical waters with abundant sea life rather than writing this?

Well it has been raining cats and dogs all day long. This has given me the opportunity to get on with some work which I suppose is a good thing!

I am leaving the island tomorrow and taking an overnight sleeper train from Chumphon back to Bangkok before heading to the north of Thailand. It has been a great week here and I thoroughly recommend Koh Tao to divers and non-divers alike.

I have written the second part of my absolute beginners guide to web sites. It is a guide to domain names.

It is of course a new month now which means an earnings / budget report for November. I hope to get this out in the next few days. Early indications would suggest I have had a better month than October. My spending must be down as well as I have made an effort to cut back.