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The Working Nomad heads into the black and into a new country

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Well some early Christmas cheer for me. December is already a record month for web earnings by some margin, and we are only half way through! This means I am at last making more money from the web than my living / traveling expenses.

I have always dreamt about being my own boss and earning the sort of amount that I would normally earn in the corporate rat race. I am not going to become complacent though. December is traditionally a strong month for Internet earnings, particularly in the travel industry where I specialise.

I have put in more hours since I have been in Thailand so this will have had a direct effect on the increase. It is good to know that if you work hard on your web sites you get rewarded!

I am in the small city of Chang Rai now. I arrived earlier on a bus full of sick Thais. They don’t travel too well apparently. With the smell wafting about I was glad to get off. I have another bus trip tomorrow to the border town on Chiang Kong before catching a boat over the river and into Laos. Quite excited to be leaving Thailand and seeing a new country.

My next update will be from Luang Prabang. On Sunday I have an all day boat journey down the mighty Mekong River to enjoy.