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Bonjour from Luang Prabang, Laos

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Well I finally made it to Laos . I was suppose to be here three years ago but ended up going to New Zealand and Australia instead. I arrived two days ago from Thailand across the River Mekong.

The immigration control, like the country as a whole, was very much a laid back affair. I spent one night in the border town of Huay Xai before taking the Nagi of Mekong river boat down to Laung Prabang, which is where I am now. The picture right illustrates how cold it was on the boat!

Talking of cold weather the evenings in Luang Prabang are very cold. In fact we could be in France . The colonial legacy is definitely lingering with French villas for Guesthouses, warm baguettes for breakfast and a faint hint of a French accent in some of the older Laos people.

I have also taken note of how many French people are holidaying here. You could be mistaken into thinking that Laos still belongs to the French. I think some of the French people here still think it is!

I am pretty impressed with Laos so far and makes a refreshing change from Thailand .

Work is still going well. I had a few days off but the success of this month is driving me on to do more.