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Update from The Land of Smiles.

Fat HouseOur sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai crawled in four hours late so I missed my connection to Pai. Did n’t matter much anyway as I have spent few charming days in Thailand ’s second city.

Chiang Mai is a world away from Bangkok ’s craziness but I do seem to be spending half my day waiting to cross the roads here.

There are pedestrian crossings with lights in Thailand but I believe the locals think that red means they must speed up! The biggest joke is the pelican crossings.

I am off to Pai early in the morning for a few days before I negotiate the great Mekong River and one of the last bastions of communism, the Peoples Republic of Laos.

I have included a page that has my route map and some other random travel photos from my trip so far. Working Nomad route and random photos.