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Internet earnings report for November. Good news, bad news and good news

<strong>Good news 1</strong>. November proved to be my second best month so far. It was just 5 pounds short of being my best ever month which was September.

Interestingly one of my biggest earning affiliate schemes performed badly in November but I am starting to see other income streams bear fruit which means that I am finally diversifying. In this business the more you can diversify the better.

<strong>Bad news. </strong>My profits for November were GBP455 but I spent GBP660 meaning my monthly balance was minus GBP205. This means that since I have been in Asia I am GBP287 in the red. I am surprised I spent so much but taking flights when I could have taken buses would not have helped!

<strong>Good news 2. </strong>I might be in the red but I have had a fantastic start to December. If the month continues in this fashion I will be well into the black by January.

I am waiting now to catch my overnight train to Chang Mai. I have been to Chang Mai before so I am heading straight up to the village of Pai in the mountains.