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Hello from Bali

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Since, it was my idea to open up the blog to other Working Nomad forum members, I thought I should get around to making my first post here. I think I first came across the Working Nomad website from the Lonely Planet travel forum and I joined on the 19th of April, 2006.  I only… Read More »Hello from Bali

Living for the weekend again

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Well it’s now been four long years to the week since I last worked in a proper office, surrounded by proper people and doing proper work. Well that’s not entirely fair, I do work with people these days and I do consider my work to be kind of proper. What has changed is the way… Read More »Living for the weekend again

Where would you go?

One of the decisions that a mobile worker has to make is where to hang out. The pattern I have adopted over the last few years is to be in Europe from around March to October and then head to the Tropics and Southern Hemisphere during the winter. Locations that interest me are places with… Read More »Where would you go?