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Loophole exposed to get cheaper flights

There is a little known loophole that can enable you to save hundreds of £/$ etc on short and long haul flights. To gain access to these cheaper flights all you have to do is book from Expedia’s Brazil website.


The Brazillian government do not allow airlines to charge expensive fuel surcharges and if you book via this site you should see cheaper flights from anywhere to any destination.

I have tried out some sample flights and found a flight from London to Bangkok with Qantas to be over £100 cheaper, in this case it was £469 compared to £575. Long haul to Australia from Europe offered even better deals.

How do I find the bigger discounts?

Airlines charge different surcharges, for instance big savings can be made with Qantas, Air France / KLM, Emirates to name a few. Check out more fuel surcharges here.

Don’t I need to be in Brazil or have a Brazilian registered credit card?

I have not tried this myself but reports from many travel forums suggests that people have successfully booked flights via expedia Brazil even with a home address in a different country. Ensure you credit card matches your home address.

Where is the catch?

This seems to be a legal loophole but at some point the airlines might attempt to close it off. People have successfully boarded these flights but there will always be some risk involved so be aware of that if you book.