Living for the weekend again

Tulum Ruins, Mexico
Tulum Ruins, Mexico

Well it’s now been four long years to the week since I last worked in a proper office, surrounded by proper people and doing proper work. Well that’s not entirely fair, I do work with people these days and I do consider my work to be kind of proper. What has changed is the way I look at weekends.

I can remember the time when Monday morning was something that filled me with dread, along with the thought that I still had five more days before the weekend. The one job I did when I occasionally had to work weekends is something I now consider as equally bad as having worked in Victorian Mills during the 19th century.

I have to admit that I valued my weekends a little more than I do now and as a result I don’t think I always make the most of my Saturday and Sunday. In fact it’s not uncommon for me to end up with a weekend where work and play just seems to merge into one. That could also be true of the weekdays themselves!

So what I am trying to do now is recapture my weekends and make them special again, and that means avoiding keyboards and world wide webs. This way I can focus more during the week on work.

I recently had a short trip to Mexico which was very enjoyable despite the fact my Spanish, or lack of it, made it a little frustrating at times, however it has made me further determined to learn more Spanish and a winter break destination will most likely be to a Spanish speaking region.

I have invited people from the forum to write blog so you may see unfamiliar posts now and again but they should help revitalize the site and I thank the new contributors.