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Technology is making a Nomad’s life a joy

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The backpack that I now pack for trips looks very different to the one I packed back in 2005. It also contains a lot more technology than it ever did as well as more expensive items for which good insurance is now an absolute must!

Things have certainly moved on. I no longer have to hunt around for wifi hotspots and internet cafes or carry flash drives to tranfer data from laptop to web.

As I sit here now I am connected to the web via my mobile phone which is acting as a wifi hotspot using my 3G mobile account.

I have visited a number of countries this year, such as Thailand, Indonesia, Spain etc and managed to buy a 3G simcard on a prepay basis allowing me to use the web on the move.

So things have certainly moved on.

More technology has also meant I can travel much lighter these days. The best example of this is the Kindle ebook reader which has been on the best gadgets I have ever owned. So instead of having to carry around numerous books to read and lonely planet giuides to refer to I instead have one kindle!

My next trip I will be trying out a rather cool birthday present that was bought me, a powermonkey for storing power as well as a small solar panel. This is expecially useful for multi day hiking meaning I can recharge ipods, smart phones, kindles etc

So being nomadic now and being able to stay online has never been easier and I can’t see that trend ever reversing!


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