The island of Koh Tao, Southern Thailand

After a long bus journey and a very rough sea crossing I am now on the Island of Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand. Koh Tao is famed for it’d diving and dive schools but I am here to prove that non-divers can have a good time. There is lots to do on this diminutive island if you don’t dive like me (damn the asthma!). There is jungle trekking, kayaking, wake boarding and great snorkelling.

You can also lie on the beach and go swimming as well! I have come to this island because it is low season here now and I expected it to be quiet and relaxing. This way I might actually get some work done!

Yes I have to admit that since Bali I have done very little work. This is not helped by the fact that my web sites are all doing well on their own at the moment so there seems to be little incentive.

It makes me realise how much potential there is in web site publishing. It is no surprise now that people are making six figure salaries each year doing this full time. I am not saying I’ll ever achieve that but if I applied myself things could really take off.

I am now feeling quite motivated for work. In fact I might just have to pop down to the beach for the day to consider it all

Quick update from Bangkok, Thailand

Hello from Bangkok. This is just a short post as it is pretty late here and I should really be asleep. I arrived three days ago now and have been in a bit of a drunken haze since thanks to Beer Chang.

As promised a month ago I am compiling an absolute beginners guide to creating web sites and making money from the web. I am trying to write it in plain English rather than techy speak (which is not easy for geek).

The introduction page and part one can be <a href="">found here</a>.

I have been banging on about flash drives and how useful they are but I have n’t mentioned about viruses. My little pen drive has been in and out of so many PCs that I had 40 viruses on the little bleeder! I only realised when my portable web browser would n’t start.

Anyway I have sorted the problem and discovered a free anti-virus progam that you can actually install on to you flash drive. You can download <a href="">free av here</a>.

If you are going to stick your thing in many different places you need protection, if you get my meaning. The anti-virus software works like a dream.

Nightlife in Kuala Lumpur?

I thought that before I left Malaysia I’d write a post about a country that I am very fond of. Despite being slightly more expensive than some its neighbours Malaysia has a huge amount to offer, but not nightlife on a Thursday.

OK I know Thursday is not always the busiest night of the week and I have just come from a party island but KL is the capital after all!

Here is my down and dirty guide to KL nightlife on a Thursday…

<strong>Golden Triangle / Bintang Walk / CBD area</strong>

Being virtually the only Westerner shuffling around looking lost I was a prime target for hawkers. I was offered the usual list of services reserved for Western men in Asia (which I declined with a smile).

Poked my head around the door of a couple of bars but they were empty apart from the enthusiastic staff attempting to tempt me in with various 2 for 1 offers.

<strong>Bangsar</strong> (as reported by an English guy I met later that night in Chinatown)

Bangsar is usually a lively area that is frequented by ex-pats, wealthy locals and lost backpackers. It is packed with bars (mostly the pretentious type that always appears large due to a complete lack of furniture) and restaurants that has prices to make the average traveller run a mile.

Thursday night in Bangsar: absolutely dead.


This is where it is happening. In fact every night it seems to be lively and Thursday is no exception. There are not many bars though but plenty of cheap restaurants with tables outside that are more than happy to serve you a large Tiger beer without noodles or rice.

There is a bar in Chinatown that is worth mentioning, or not. It is called ‘Reggae Bar’ and is a dimly lit and rather depressing place managed but grumpy staff with no sense of humour.

The staff will……try everything in their power to serve you expensive beer by telling you they have run out of all soft drinks and happy hour does not happen on Thursday because Thursday does not come under ‘Every Day’?

The staff won’t……turn off the monotonous Bob Marley music and turn on the sound of the big screen despite the fact everyone, and I mean everyone in the bar was immersed in the Australia v Uruguay World Cup qualifier.

If you are looking for hopping nightlife then maybe KL and indeed Malaysia is n’t the perfect destination.

If you are looking for great food, an interesting mix of cultures and friendly people (the Reggae Bar is the exception) then give Malaysia a go

Internet earnings and my travel budget for October

Yes it is finally here, my update for October. OK then, let’s talk money. Well as I earlier hinted October was one of my worse months for a while.

I left the UK half way through the month and spent the other half in Bali where I did n’t actually do much work (my first two weeks were really a holiday).

The earnings for the entire month came in at just under GBP400 / USD700 which left me a daily budget of around GBP14 / USD23. This is all from web related earnings e.g. affiliate marketing, text and banner advertising.

While I had been away travelling in October I spent around GBP250 and earned GBP180.

This means the Working Nomad is GBP70 in the red after two weeks on the road (in October).

I hope to recover this and get back in the black. Not only did I do little work in my first two weeks, I also partied quite a bit (beer in relatively expensive in many parts of Asia) and spent quite a bit on shopping.

November is looking OK so far. I don’t dare look yet at how much I have spent but I am seeing an increase in earnings across my sites.

Well that’s all from a steamy Kuala Lumpur. I am still enjoying free wi-fi courtesy of Starbucks and various other establishments. I am off to Bangkok on Saturday morning so will catch up with you all then.

Quick post from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I have arrived in Kuala Lumpur and the first thing I did was to buy a wi-fi card for my laptop. This is my first post from my laptop, sitting outside one of KL’s many Starbucks!

The connection is a bit slow but I am online for the price of a coffee and taking advantage of the free wi-fi. It is all very exciting for me (believe it or not!).

I bought a wi-fi card that just plugs into a USB port and is small as a pen drive! It is super cool (if you are a geek like me!).

I met this English girl in the street who now lives in Japan but knows KL really well and showed me the best places to buy electronics.

I am not going to write anymore for now because I fear I may lose the connection!

The USB pen drive – the mobile worker’s essential tool

I have written an article about USB pen drives or you might know them as flash drives, key drives or memory sticks. These little hard drives are transforming the world of mobile computing and is an essential tool for a working nomad.

Even if you just plan to travel or find yourself on the move a lot then check out the article as it might save you a lot of pain and money. The importance of USB pen drives to the mobile worker.

Back in Bali after a cool time at Mount Bromo

After four days away in the volcanic region of Mount Bromo in East Java, Indonesia the Working Nomad is back in Bali . Well only just.

My 8 hour bus journey from Probolinggo to Denpasar was supposed to be in an executive air conditioned coach* which broke down before I ever saw it. Instead I ended up in a cattle truck** for 13 hours that stopped everywhere and picked up everything imaginable.

On my epic journey I encountered angry teams of buskers (well you run out of small notes after the 50th live act boards the bus), being teased by wealthier locals on executive coaches in bus stations and 4 hours on a reclining seat that only reclined (to 90 degrees).

I am not moaning by the way. While I was thoroughly fed up at the time I still arrived in one piece (despite the best efforts of our Formula One driver) and 4 dollars better off with my refund. It is the sort of experience that makes travel what it is.

I must say the whole Bromo experience was excellent. Being above 2000m the climate was more akin to England and made a nice contrast to the steamy tropics below. The local Javanese were exceptionally friendly as well.

I will be posting the long awaited ‘what I have spent’ and ‘what I have earned’ update for October in the next day or two.

* A standard coach by western standards with a toilet and tv

** A standard coach by western standards (40 years ago) with no toilet and all sorts of other entertainment

Some days are better than others…

Working for yourself on web sites can be hugely rewarding but like any work you have good days and bad days. Motivation is the key to make this suceed and there are a number of ways I try and motivate myself to work harder.

1. Log in and see how much money I have earnt today and then transfer this to my running total and monthly totals.

2. Walk to the undergound station in the morning with all the other glum looking commuters and then turn around and walk home.

3. Visiting web sites such as for moral support and read about people that have made it big doing this type of work.

There are lots of ways to keep yourself motivated. When I am on the road I will be only spending what I earn. So the previous days’ earnings will be the next day’s spending money. If I only make enough to cover my room and a bowl of rice then so be it.

Some days are better than others

Amusing Shop SignJust a quick update from Kuta in Bali. Firstly I could n’t resist putting up this interesting shop name photo that I took today.

Well I am heading to Java on Friday, the main Island of Indonesia. With a friend we take a 12 hour bus to the Mount Bromo area for sunrise trekking and a change of climate.

Work is going ok. I am managing to do at least 2 hours a day at the moment. I will post a full earnings update for October next when I have gone through the figures but it looks like I might be slightly down on September.

Having 7 to 10 days off when I first arrived in Bali probably is the reason for the smaller income.