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Nightlife in Kuala Lumpur?

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I thought that before I left Malaysia I’d write a post about a country that I am very fond of. Despite being slightly more expensive than some its neighbours Malaysia has a huge amount to offer, but not nightlife on a Thursday.

OK I know Thursday is not always the busiest night of the week and I have just come from a party island but KL is the capital after all!

Here is my down and dirty guide to KL nightlife on a Thursday…

<strong>Golden Triangle / Bintang Walk / CBD area</strong>

Being virtually the only Westerner shuffling around looking lost I was a prime target for hawkers. I was offered the usual list of services reserved for Western men in Asia (which I declined with a smile).

Poked my head around the door of a couple of bars but they were empty apart from the enthusiastic staff attempting to tempt me in with various 2 for 1 offers.

<strong>Bangsar</strong> (as reported by an English guy I met later that night in Chinatown)

Bangsar is usually a lively area that is frequented by ex-pats, wealthy locals and lost backpackers. It is packed with bars (mostly the pretentious type that always appears large due to a complete lack of furniture) and restaurants that has prices to make the average traveller run a mile.

Thursday night in Bangsar: absolutely dead.


This is where it is happening. In fact every night it seems to be lively and Thursday is no exception. There are not many bars though but plenty of cheap restaurants with tables outside that are more than happy to serve you a large Tiger beer without noodles or rice.

There is a bar in Chinatown that is worth mentioning, or not. It is called ‘Reggae Bar’ and is a dimly lit and rather depressing place managed but grumpy staff with no sense of humour.

The staff will……try everything in their power to serve you expensive beer by telling you they have run out of all soft drinks and happy hour does not happen on Thursday because Thursday does not come under ‘Every Day’?

The staff won’t……turn off the monotonous Bob Marley music and turn on the sound of the big screen despite the fact everyone, and I mean everyone in the bar was immersed in the Australia v Uruguay World Cup qualifier.

If you are looking for hopping nightlife then maybe KL and indeed Malaysia is n’t the perfect destination.

If you are looking for great food, an interesting mix of cultures and friendly people (the Reggae Bar is the exception) then give Malaysia a go