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Internet earnings and my travel budget for October

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Yes it is finally here, my update for October. OK then, let’s talk money. Well as I earlier hinted October was one of my worse months for a while.

I left the UK half way through the month and spent the other half in Bali where I did n’t actually do much work (my first two weeks were really a holiday).

The earnings for the entire month came in at just under GBP400 / USD700 which left me a daily budget of around GBP14 / USD23. This is all from web related earnings e.g. affiliate marketing, text and banner advertising.

While I had been away travelling in October I spent around GBP250 and earned GBP180.

This means the Working Nomad is GBP70 in the red after two weeks on the road (in October).

I hope to recover this and get back in the black. Not only did I do little work in my first two weeks, I also partied quite a bit (beer in relatively expensive in many parts of Asia) and spent quite a bit on shopping.

November is looking OK so far. I don’t dare look yet at how much I have spent but I am seeing an increase in earnings across my sites.

Well that’s all from a steamy Kuala Lumpur. I am still enjoying free wi-fi courtesy of Starbucks and various other establishments. I am off to Bangkok on Saturday morning so will catch up with you all then.