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Back in Bali after a cool time at Mount Bromo

After four days away in the volcanic region of Mount Bromo in East Java, Indonesia the Working Nomad is back in Bali . Well only just.

My 8 hour bus journey from Probolinggo to Denpasar was supposed to be in an executive air conditioned coach* which broke down before I ever saw it. Instead I ended up in a cattle truck** for 13 hours that stopped everywhere and picked up everything imaginable.

On my epic journey I encountered angry teams of buskers (well you run out of small notes after the 50th live act boards the bus), being teased by wealthier locals on executive coaches in bus stations and 4 hours on a reclining seat that only reclined (to 90 degrees).

I am not moaning by the way. While I was thoroughly fed up at the time I still arrived in one piece (despite the best efforts of our Formula One driver) and 4 dollars better off with my refund. It is the sort of experience that makes travel what it is.

I must say the whole Bromo experience was excellent. Being above 2000m the climate was more akin to England and made a nice contrast to the steamy tropics below. The local Javanese were exceptionally friendly as well.

I will be posting the long awaited ‘what I have spent’ and ‘what I have earned’ update for October in the next day or two.

* A standard coach by western standards with a toilet and tv

** A standard coach by western standards (40 years ago) with no toilet and all sorts of other entertainment