Free Wi-Fi in Asia

Had an email the other regarding free wi-fi in Asia. For anyone who is n’t familiar with the term ‘wi-fi’ it is basically wireless broadband and can be found at various places such as airports, coffee bars etc.

You basically rock up and logon to the network and you have free broadband speed Internet connection from your own laptop! (Your laptop must have a wi-fi card plugged in or have one built in)

Well the person who emailed me mentioned an excellent web site called <a href="">Wifi Free Spot</a> which is a database of free spots around the globe and importantly for me Asia too.

Free Internet is a dream for a working nomad. While the Internet cafes in Southeast Asia are pretty cheap anyway it all adds up. There are times when I could really do with a 3 or 4 hour session from my laptop rather than downloading files onto my USB memory stick and plugging it into an Internet cafe PC.

Sometimes while surfing the Internet I spot something and would really like to tweak my site there and then but I can’t at the moment.

Alas there is no free wifi here in Bali but I am heading to Kuala Lumpur on the 12th of November and should be able to find some free wifi.

A Day in the Life of a Global Teleworker

Well after a few hard nights of excess I have settled down into a steady Monday to Friday routine now.

9am – Normally I get up and go to my favourite café for breakfast and then onto an air-conditioned coffee bar (Starbucks at the moment here in Kuta) for 2 hours or so work.

1pm – Get back to my guesthouse and freshen up. Go and get some lunch and then head down the beach around 3pm for a couple of hours surfing until sunset.

7pm – I either go shopping / wandering or head to the Internet café to upload any new work and catch up with emails, news etc.

9pm – Meet friends for dinner and maybe head off to a bar for some beers.

This is the version if I end up going out late drinking the local Arak!

3am – Stagger back to the guesthouse avoiding numerous working ladies on motorbikes.

3pm – Finally get up feeling very sorry for myself (usually accompanied with a sore head).

3:30pm – Go down to the guesthouse pool and back to sleep.

6pm – Finally get out in search of comfort food.

9pm – Back in bed asleep.

Getting back to business, Google are in the process of a major update which is having some positive impact on my newer sites but not so on my more established sites! Hopefully things will calm down soon but it is the talk of the web geek community presently.

I will be posting an earning’s update soon for October. It is hard to tell at the moment how I have done overall but it will not be a record month.

Thankfully my living expenses are now very minimal. My guesthouse is about GBP 4.00 a night and most meals are coming in at under GBP 1.50. If only I did n’t like beer!

Update from Bali

Outside my room in Bali hard at workJust a quick update to say that I have n’t done too much work yet since I arrived last Tuesday. This is largely due to meeting some people I know and drinking too much of the local brew Arak!

It is such a nice change to be somewhere where the pace of life is slow. I am so use to seeing people charging around all day. Unfortunately my laptop has also decided to take things a bit slower as well! I am giving it week or so to acclimatise.

Greetings from Bali

The Working Nomad adventure has begun. Well it is actually on hold for a few days. I will be neither working nor will I be nomadic as I will be have a bit of a holiday, catch a few waves and generally chill out.

The Bali tourist industry has obviously felt the impact of the recent bombing. I saw my first hint of this at the departure gate for my flight from Kuala Lumpur to Dempasar. The Malaysian airlines plane wasn’t even half full. The other two times I have flown into Bali the planes were full both times (and at similar times of year).

I guess this could be down to the fact we are just about to enter the wet season as well. While the place seemed deserted this morning it is certainly more lively tonight with lots of tourists shuffling about being hassled for things they don’t want to buy.

All I can say again is that if you have a holiday planned for Bali then still come along. Natural and man-made disasters can happen anywhere at anytime. The folks here certainly need you.

There is definetly more security about. My small rucksack was checked today as I entered a busy shopping mall in Tuban which is reassuring. It is probably as safe as anywhere in terms of global terrorism.

As I mentioned above I am not going to be doing much work over the next few days. Despite a quiet start to the month things have picked up a bit on the web earnings front which is good news and I am back on target to at least match September’s performance.

A complete beginners guide to starting a web site and making money

I have had a number of emails from people who basically know nothing whatsoever about how to start a web site, how to get it online and what to do thereafter.

In response to this I am going to put together a step by step guide for absolute beginners. I will probably post weekly each step to take from your idea right through to the marketing and making money bit.

This is just an idea at the moment but I guess the guide will take this sort of format.

1. Your idea.
2. Software to build your web site
3. How to build a web site.
4. Naming the web site.
5. Choosing a host for your web site.
6. Maintaining the web site.
7. Getting traffic to your web site.
8. Converting your web site visitors into money.

I have looked over this site and I guess a lot of what I have written is assuming people will have certain knowledge and understand terms such as hosting, domain names, adsense etc.

This weekly guide will be in the plainest language possible and will hopefully help those who are completely new to web sites.

I am trying not to sound too patronising here. Understand that it is easy for techie people like me to forget the fact that not everyone’s a geek when it comes to terminology!

One week to go…

Well I am back in my childhood town of Ipswich in Eastern England preparing myself for the big trip. Getting pretty excited now about being in Bali next week.

One possible feature of this site will be some crazy photos of me working in the most unlikely of places. I might even get people to suggest places where I should go and work for the day. Not sure yet but I am convinced there is a good idea in there somewhere!

We are one third into October and I have to say it is looking like a very poor month on the Internet earnings front! I am well down on previous months. I hope this is a temporary blip.

Found a really good resource for web sites the other day. It is called Digital Point and well worth checking out. It is kind of similar to and has lots of information for newbies to the web site creation scene.

Goodbye London Town – Goodbye broadband connection!

London Tower BridgeTomorrow morning I am moving out of my flat here in London and going back to my Mothers for a week or so before I head off to Bali to begin life as a working nomad. I guess it begins tomorrow when I have to give up my broadband connection and rely on my Mother’s creaky web connection (for which I am very grateful!).

I have been working quite hard on my web sites the last week or so. As I may have already mentioned NOT being connected to the Internet seems to be the key to productive web content making.

The sad truth is that I do spend too much time online. I think as a nation the UK is very well broadbanded up now and we all spend a lot of time surfing away. For me to limit my web time to an hour a day in a cyber cafe could be the key for bigger success and having more of a life!

When starting out you have to spend a fair bit of time online. You have to research which niche areas you want to focus on. You should investigate what people are typing into search engines. You must also check how much money you have made to give yourself a boost!

Hopefully a lot of the research is behind me now. I cannot emphasise the importance of checking out sites like webmaster world and reading up on all manner of subjects. There are some real experts on there! Use them. They might be geeks like me but they are very helpful.

A few people have mailed me for advice but I wish more people would. I love giving advice!! I might not be an expert but I can help people out and save them a lot of time and I am full of ideas!

If you have a question then click the “no comments” or “comments” link above and please ask away. This advice is free! The only thing I ask is that you keep in touch and tell me how you get on with your project or travels.

When a man is tired of London they are tired of life. What a load of old pony!