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Greetings from Bali

The Working Nomad adventure has begun. Well it is actually on hold for a few days. I will be neither working nor will I be nomadic as I will be have a bit of a holiday, catch a few waves and generally chill out.

The Bali tourist industry has obviously felt the impact of the recent bombing. I saw my first hint of this at the departure gate for my flight from Kuala Lumpur to Dempasar. The Malaysian airlines plane wasn’t even half full. The other two times I have flown into Bali the planes were full both times (and at similar times of year).

I guess this could be down to the fact we are just about to enter the wet season as well. While the place seemed deserted this morning it is certainly more lively tonight with lots of tourists shuffling about being hassled for things they don’t want to buy.

All I can say again is that if you have a holiday planned for Bali then still come along. Natural and man-made disasters can happen anywhere at anytime. The folks here certainly need you.

There is definetly more security about. My small rucksack was checked today as I entered a busy shopping mall in Tuban which is reassuring. It is probably as safe as anywhere in terms of global terrorism.

As I mentioned above I am not going to be doing much work over the next few days. Despite a quiet start to the month things have picked up a bit on the web earnings front which is good news and I am back on target to at least match September’s performance.