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A complete beginners guide to starting a web site and making money

I have had a number of emails from people who basically know nothing whatsoever about how to start a web site, how to get it online and what to do thereafter.

In response to this I am going to put together a step by step guide for absolute beginners. I will probably post weekly each step to take from your idea right through to the marketing and making money bit.

This is just an idea at the moment but I guess the guide will take this sort of format.

1. Your idea.
2. Software to build your web site
3. How to build a web site.
4. Naming the web site.
5. Choosing a host for your web site.
6. Maintaining the web site.
7. Getting traffic to your web site.
8. Converting your web site visitors into money.

I have looked over this site and I guess a lot of what I have written is assuming people will have certain knowledge and understand terms such as hosting, domain names, adsense etc.

This weekly guide will be in the plainest language possible and will hopefully help those who are completely new to web sites.

I am trying not to sound too patronising here. Understand that it is easy for techie people like me to forget the fact that not everyone’s a geek when it comes to terminology!