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A Day in the Life of a Global Teleworker

Well after a few hard nights of excess I have settled down into a steady Monday to Friday routine now.

9am – Normally I get up and go to my favourite café for breakfast and then onto an air-conditioned coffee bar (Starbucks at the moment here in Kuta) for 2 hours or so work.

1pm – Get back to my guesthouse and freshen up. Go and get some lunch and then head down the beach around 3pm for a couple of hours surfing until sunset.

7pm – I either go shopping / wandering or head to the Internet café to upload any new work and catch up with emails, news etc.

9pm – Meet friends for dinner and maybe head off to a bar for some beers.

This is the version if I end up going out late drinking the local Arak!

3am – Stagger back to the guesthouse avoiding numerous working ladies on motorbikes.

3pm – Finally get up feeling very sorry for myself (usually accompanied with a sore head).

3:30pm – Go down to the guesthouse pool and back to sleep.

6pm – Finally get out in search of comfort food.

9pm – Back in bed asleep.

Getting back to business, Google are in the process of a major update which is having some positive impact on my newer sites but not so on my more established sites! Hopefully things will calm down soon but it is the talk of the web geek community presently.

I will be posting an earning’s update soon for October. It is hard to tell at the moment how I have done overall but it will not be a record month.

Thankfully my living expenses are now very minimal. My guesthouse is about GBP 4.00 a night and most meals are coming in at under GBP 1.50. If only I did n’t like beer!