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Working Nomad Date Set

Well I’ve done it.

I’ve bit the bullet and booked a plane ticket which means my last day of work will be December 13th. My plane ticket isn’t for Asia though, it’s for Canada. The plan is to spend three weeks at home doing the visiting thing and Xmas thing before I wander off for who knows how long. I’m also going to use the time when everyone else is at work to try to work a lot on my sites and see if I can get into some sort of routine and see how well I’m able to motivate myself. Sort of a 3 week WN test period before the real deal starts.

I get back to London on January 7th and I suppose that’s when the adventure really begins! I don’t really have any set plans at the moment. The easy route would be to buy a ticket to Southeast Asia somewhere, kick back on a beach for awhile and slowly work my way up to Beijing where I plan to get an apartment for 6 months starting anywhere from March to May.

The dream plan would be to do the journey overland working down through Eastern Europe, across to Egypt somehow then up through Jordan and Syria to Turkey. Then that’s where things get a bit dicey and I’m not sure if I have the guts to take on the trip from Turkey to China overland but we’ll see what happens. I’m open to buying plane tickets enroute to jump over the scary places but I’m also up for a mad adventure so we’ll see what happens.

I’m encouraged because my earnings are creeping up from all sources. Slowly but steadily. Plus I just went back to read some of Webby’s early earnings reports to find that he earned about $700US his first month away. That’s about what I’m making at the moment so it’ll be interesting to see if my sites and earnings grow the same way his has once I can work on them full time.

That’s all for now. I know some of you are planning trips at the end of the year. Anyone else got any plans yet?