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Environmentally unfriendly, thats what I am

Its been a while since I posted on here. In fact it’s been a while since I did any work but July is already a record month for earnings! Looking back at last year July was also a strong month.

I was working out the other day in a moment of boredom that in 2006 I flew once every two weeks on average. I then considered how much money I spend on airlines and what a big slice of the working nomads expenses goes on travel.

I then considered the that I left! Yea it’s not very good. In fact you could say it is pretty irresponsible. Perhaps not the long haul flights. How else are you meant to get to Australia from Europe unless you want to endure days on road?!

It is when I flew from Bangkok to KL, or Christchurch to Wellington. These shorter flights that are taken when there are road and rail alternatives.

I have driven down to Barcelona from the UK. I wonder if it is more environmentally friendly for one person to drive a car this distance or whether going by airplane would be better?

So I have been in Barcelona now for a couple of weeks and will be heading home soon in my environmentally friendly(ish) small 2 door car. Owning a car in Barcelona is not for the faint hearted.

I was only in the city on the ‘Ronta Dalt’ 5 minutes when a scooter crashed into the back of me, only a minor collision and they were ok thankfully! The real headache comes when you are not inside your car. Parking! Thats another story.

Another time I was out with a couple of friends from the Hostal and we were parked in supermarket car park. When we came out there was three angry looking guys around my car. They were shouting at us in Catalan and Spanish. We hurriedly got in the car and I sped off.

One of my friends is from Argentina and of course understood some of what the guys said. They were saying things like ‘f’ off back to Britain, don’t stay around here or we smash your car etc etc. Thats where my car stands out. British number plates and the right hand drive!

Of course this could have been a one off incident and we came to no harm but I had heard that foreign plated cars can get abuse in Barcelona.

So I am driving home. I might be stop off in Paris on the way home as I have never been there and will probably have a surf in the Basque country.

So when I go back to Barcelona it will be the high altitude way. As for my Ford Fiesta it will be going back to where I got it from; an Ebay auction.