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Always take the weather with you

I left a rainy England on a stormy night across the English Channel and arrived in the SW of France in similar conditions (the locals swear that it is never like this in July – it will be snowing in Buenos Aires next!).

I have just fled from the YHA hostel in Biarritz after two nights in a prison style bunk bed surrounded by 13 other males, half of which snored louder than my ear plugs could deflect. If you stay in this place make sure you ask for a room in the newer wing like I had last year!

For a mere 12 Euros more I now have my own room, cable TV, access to my room 24 hours, no snoring and Wifi. If you travel around France check out the Etap hotels.

Ok it might not be sociable like the hostel but frankly I don’t care!

The poor weather has meant that the surf has been great and my increasingly thin hair on top has not had a hot burning sun bearing down on it all day.

I am staying in the Pyranees for a night before arriving in Barcelona on Friday. I might have to be back in London on Monday and I apologise now to all Londoners if this fowl weather follows me back.